Three 6 Mafia’s Lord Infamous Has Reportedly Died, Rappers Tweet Condolences

Lord Infamous

Original Three 6 Mafia member Lord Infamous has reportedly died, according to reports and people close to the Memphis rapper. Information on the cause of the passing is sketchy at the moment, but group member Gangsta Boo took to Twitter earlier today to confirm the sad news. “Rest in Peace Lord Infamous. Please respect the family and dear friends during this tragedy,” she typed. Infamous, born, Ricky Dunigan, is the half brother of Three 6 front man DJ Paul. Along with Juicy J they formed the group The Backyard Posse in the early ’90s, which would later become Three 6 Mafia. Along with being a founding member of the platinum selling group, he has released 10 solo albums and was part of the Three 6 Mafia reboot, Da Mafia 6ix which recently released the mixtape 6ix Commandments. He reportedly suffered from a heart attack and stroke in June 2010.

Rappers took to Twitter to express their condolences to the late MC.

XXL would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Lord Infamous. RIP

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  • Paul Prosper

    RIP Lord Infamous

  • BrianRaider

    Oh No!!! Lord Infamous Was A Beast On The Mic!!! He Had Flow!!! RIP!!! Also Not Named Here Is Was Also A Member Of The Side Project Teardaclubupthugs. Damn….

  • jaybirdofthawordbcc

    his lrics was so tight & his flow takes me by storm, but after hearing this this is such a sad day 2 our fans to hear that he just past away , my condonaces goes out to da mafia 6ix & family & friends god bless u!!!!!!!!……..

  • Infamous

    R.I.P Scarecrow Futuristic Rowdy Bounty Hunter

  • ポケモントレーナー

    daamn R.I.P lord of Terror

  • Tyler Durden

    Un Fucking real, And their reunion album was set to come out Spring of 2014… R.I.P. Keyser Soze

  • dumbout

    r.i.p lord infamous this was one of my favorite songs by him

  • Clondyke Classic

    Rest In Peace to tha homie Lord Infamous.. i’m glad they put Da Mafia 6ix project together before he pass’d so the fans got to listen to him one more time.. fucc’d up mayne

  • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

    how scary.only forty? forties is not old just older man. not old still young. i am sad now in cali. RIP wow. i m just hearing this from my fiancee mike a huge fan back in 90s of them RIP to him. TOO YOUNG we HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR HEALTH this could have been avoided i am hearing tonight but not sure… too young RIP.

    • Chino Rivera

      yea i think he has prior health issues,but i m agreeing we all hav to get to dr. if we are feeling “repeatedly”tired,or fatigue can be a killer,if we are not taking care of us,get check out sad for him too young here.adios 1 he is at peace now but yea i don’t think it was avoidable IF TRUE he has had this before happen or should hav kept up with dr. not sure,maybe more will come out soon either way he is at peace,in heaven now.adios

  • Chino Rivera

    Sydney. yea way too young …..
    i was born in eighties but a fan of 1 or 2 of their songs from my older siblings,sisters born mostly in 70s so they are his age and few years over and few years under.
    he was young.this is a shame.
    rip BUT YEA SYD,not sur this was avoidable.He has a history of heart problems i learn.

    not sure it was avoidable.well rumour is he was feeling tired lay his head in his “arms” just did not wake up i m sad tonight myself.i also learn tonight he had prior heart attack or feasibly stroke?so this man rip has had health noticable issues and maybe it was just not follow up on not sure,but damn RIP to him sad for him and his family.