The Complete Guide To Diss Songs In 2013


Angel Haze “On The Edge” (Azealia Banks Diss)

When: Jan. 3
Best Shot: “I was the first person to hear “Succubi” or whatever the fuck you call that weak ass diss to Jim Jones”

Azealia Banks “No Problems” (Angel Haze Diss)

When: Jan. 4
Best Shot: “She like my new talk, my new style, my new walk, this new whore.”

Angel Haze “Shut The Fuck Up” (Azealia Banks Diss)

When: Jan. 4
Best Shot: “Azealia’s teeth look like f*ckin recliner seats, like a love seat sofa and sh*t”

Cassidy “R.A.I.D.” (Meek Mill Diss)

When: Jan. 5
Best Shot: “Yeah you poppin now but if you stop gettin’ chisle, all them niggas you with gon’ start to get forgetful”

Juelz Santana “Soft” Featuring Fabolous, Meek Mill And Rick Ross (Jojo Diss)

When: Jan. 8
Best Shot: “My diamonds be shinin’, like a snow cone, I’m so froze Far as that dough goes I’m Russell Simmons, you JoJo”

Pusha T “Only You Can Tell” (J-Kwon Diss?)

When: Jan. 13
Best Shot: “I’m grindin’ n*gga you J-Kwon.”

Lupe Fiasco Freestyle (President Obama Diss)

When: Jan. 21
Best Shot: “Limbaugh is a racist / Glenn Beck is a racist”

Lil B “I’m The Bada$$ (Joey Badass Diss)

When: Jan. 29
Best Shot: “Lil B bitch, call me Lil Boss / And if you really think you a badass, I turn you into trash you little bitch”

Joey Bada$$ “Don’t Quit Your Day Job!” (Lil B Diss)

When: Jan. 30
Best Shot: “I got an issue with this little bitch shih tzu / I’m a pitbull, throw lyrical missiles that won’t miss you, Rip open your tissue make your task force miss you”

Jojo Simmons “Holy Water” (Juelz Santana Diss)

When: Jan. 31
Best Shot: “Why you had to call my name, thought you retired / Boy that little bit of fame you had, that shit had died”

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    lmao you counted that 10 2 10 remix as a diss?

    • Eric Diep

      He went at our necks!

  • L1vew1re

    flocka an gucci beef sucked so bad