The 25 Best Songs Of 2013

Ace Hood featuring Rick Ross And Future, “Bugatti”

If you woke up in a new Bugatti, you would make a song about it too. Over Mike Will Made It’s synths, Ace Hood delivers with “Bugatti.” Turn up is the theme, as Future delivers another stand apart memorable hook with the nice assist from Rick Ross who delivers a solid verse. What’s the actually depth and meaning of the song? Who cares because once base kicks in, you won’t be able to contain yourself. Ace continues his streak of providing club bangers that get consistent spins on the radio.—ECM

A$AP Rocky featuring 2 Chainz, Drake And Kendrick Lamar, “Fuckin’ Problems”

Whose crowning line is better: Rocky’s “at least a nigga nigga rich!” or Kendrick’s “girl, I know you want this di—”? Both get screamed at top volume at any show, and that’s without even getting into Drake’s verse smack dab in the middle. The only thing that could have made this better is if Chainz was able to weigh in with a punchline-laden ode to having sex with women. Tru.—DR

Rocko featuring Rick Ross And Future, “U.O.E.N.O.”

Rocko had a hit on his mixtape Gift Of Gab 2 and a lot of people didn’t know it yet. Unfortunately, the Atlanta rapper was grouped into Rick Ross’ controversial rape lyric, sending his biggest street song into a whirlwind of debates and protests. Still, months after the media explosion, “U.O.E.N.O.” lives on as the track with an woozy and memorable beat. You can thank Childish Major for that.—ED

Kendrick Lamar featuring Jay Z, “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Remix)

“Hold up, Trinidad Jame$ in four weeks and now my album platinum and shit?” Kendrick says, announcing this remix with an incredulity that no one else sees his standing in the game. And then in his two fresh verses—bookending Jay Z—he proves it with the first of his many lyrical boasts that go after his contemporaries. Jay holds his own as well—”Sittin’ next to Hilary smellin’ like dank / Presidential pardon”—but when Kendrick starts assassinating guys to close it out, you really know whose song this is. King. Kendrick.—DR

A$AP Ferg featuring Trinidad Jame$, ScHoolboy Q, French Montana And A$AP Rocky, “Work” (Remix)

A$AP Ferg takes his 2012 underground hit “Work” and turns it into an all-star club banger. Ferg grabs Trinidad Jame$, ScHoolboy Q, French Montana and fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Rocky for a high energy bombastic record that will have your arms in the air instantly.—ECM

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    Wow yeah this list is just the most popular list. I’m fine with calling this a most popular list. Now make the real list of best songs of 2013.

    • Eric Diep

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    Thanks for reminding me why I stopped listening to rap.

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    how dense does one have to be to make such a shitty list? my fucking god is this a shitty list. in fact saying it’s shitty is an insult to things are actually shitty…

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    Obviously “Red Nose” was not the number one song of 2013. Agree with the high placement of “Blood on the Leaves” though. No way “Holy Grail” should make this list either…

  • JDS

    lol this list sucks zo hard j cole was a right choice but most of the rappers are just dumbass swag rappers, its a shame that you call this best songs of 2013 list…. let people pick who listen to real music!