The 25 Best Songs Of 2013

Pusha T, “Numbers On The Boards”

Pure, raw and uncut are synonymous with Pusha T. The G.O.O.D. Music MC’s single from My Name Is My Name displayed Pusha’s calculated lyricism has only gotten better over the years. With Kanye West supplying the beat, Pyrex P shows us he really breathes this hip-hop shit.—ED

Eminem featuring Rihanna, “The Monster”

Marking Eminem and Rihanna’s fourth collaboration, “Monster” reigned the charts in 2013. Claiming the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, the track assisted Rihanna in tying with Michael Jackson for the third-most leaders in the Hot 100′s history.—MJ

Rich Gang, “Tap Out”

2013 was the year that Future solidified himself as a bonifide all-star when it came to crooning near-unintelligible hooks that were nonetheless immensely enjoyable (see: “Bugatti,” “Shit”). Wayne kicks things off with a verse that, while not the most original, was still entertaining, while Birdman carries the bridge to the only part that really matters, and the only part that keeps this song on the list: Nicki Minaj. Here’s to nominating “Pull up in that you can’t afford this / Only rap bitch on the Forbes list” for couplet of the year. That and, of course, that hook is infectious as hell.—DR

Kanye West, “Bound 2″

This song, sonically, was Kanye West telling the whole world to fuck off. On an album that made a lot of people initially say, “What the hell is Kanye doing?”, “Bound 2″ showed the doubters that he could still give them the soul-soaked laments that everyone wanted, he just decided not to. But that doesn’t mean this song is a throwaway—the video might be more of one than the song itself—this is Kanye’s introspection colliding with his self-doubt in a way that is eminently relatable to anyone with a pulse. Also, “Bound 3.” Never forget “Bound 3.”—DR

Meek Mill, “Levels”

There two things that are guaranteed when you watch Meek Mill live. For one, “Dreams And Nightmares (Intro)” will have you so hyped up that you’ll want to punch someone. For another, “Levels” gets you in that same headspace—only you’ll want bash anybody that comes in your line of sight. Pretty much—Meek’s “Levels” is the turn up banger of the year.—ED

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  • Doug

    You Spelled most popular wrong

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    Wow yeah this list is just the most popular list. I’m fine with calling this a most popular list. Now make the real list of best songs of 2013.

    • Eric Diep

      Ha. Our personal lists are a lot in that lane.

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    List is trash.

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    BET ass list…fine by me

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    does anybody even care about xxl lists? on the nuts of complex much?

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    Thanks for reminding me why I stopped listening to rap.

  • AreYouSerious

    how dense does one have to be to make such a shitty list? my fucking god is this a shitty list. in fact saying it’s shitty is an insult to things are actually shitty…

  • JT

    Obviously “Red Nose” was not the number one song of 2013. Agree with the high placement of “Blood on the Leaves” though. No way “Holy Grail” should make this list either…

  • JDS

    lol this list sucks zo hard j cole was a right choice but most of the rappers are just dumbass swag rappers, its a shame that you call this best songs of 2013 list…. let people pick who listen to real music!