Suge Knight Would Rather Be Called “N*$ga” Than “African-American”


When you have Suge Knight and a camera, one can never be too certain how things will turn out. Suge recently caught up with TMZ and when things shifted to the topic of the N-word, the former label head had some pretty interesting things to say.

“A lot of times when people say the N-word, I like that better than African-American,” said Suge to TMZ. “We’re not from Africa, we’re black,” he added. Continuing on the questionable limitations surrounding the term, Suge says that athletes and Eminem shouldn’t’ be barred from using the word when it’s done in private anyway.

Watch the video here.


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  • Zuri A.

    I was kinda with him when he said . “We’re not from Africa…” after that, he just lost me in his niggerdom.

  • Oedakang Cox


    • SteveJacksonRealMan


  • DeFinite

    Then be called black-american or just black. Wanting to be called the n-word is a little something called STOCKHOLM SYNDROME or just plain stupidity. I’d rather be called african-american or black than any racial slur.

    • Childish Gambino

      Black people call each other nigger all the time.
      How many rappers dont use the word nigger?
      or say “my nigger”

      • SteveJacksonRealMan

        actuall idiot,correct ya mouf while hiding online,say this in philly hood street or Brick City aka Newark NJ get snatched up some has i heard so be careful wit that,but i guess on line ur able to say that.White people know good and well N-g-er is not how us blk folk say,we say Nigga big diff there. TMZ got all kinds workin at the fun job they at,and i see nothin wrong,wit them askin the query on this topic.

        • Childish Gambino

          Nigger please. Why the hell would i be in the “hood” or in the piece of shit New Jersey. You niggers think you all hard and shit. Try hanging out with some mexicans near the border.
          Those fuckers will kidnap you and then murder you.
          Ill say what i want cuz im not an ignorant thug who uses violence to solve everything.

  • crispyhihats

    since when is Suge Knight relevant

  • Childish Gambino

    Nigger please!

  • Childish Gambino

    Nigger is just a word.
    If you dont like it dont say it but dont force your beliefs on someone else.
    I dont see anyone wanting to ban cracker or beaner?

  • Shaken Not Stirred

    “You’re not an African because you’re born in Africa. You’re an African
    because Africa is born in you. It’s in your genes…. your DNA….your
    entire biological make up. Whether you
    like it or not, that’s the way it is. However, if you were to embrace
    this truth with open arms….my, my, my, what a wonderful thing” –
    Marimba Ani
    “Africa” the motherland of everyone.
    So proud to be an African.

    • SteveJacksonRealMan

      your black.
      i am black.
      i agree with SUGE about time SOME 1 is saying it,even if it is the guy who probly behind tupac murder rip and behind my ny fave rapper of all time biggie rip.

  • Chino Rivera

    i agree suge.whatz good niggggga….even if i think he behind shooting of ma boy in ny big rip and pac rip. i agree wit partial of his statement… black sound better for my fam and we say that.even if i am 100% five blk nephews oldest are teens and four nieces oldest 2 teens.they say BLACK AND PUERTO RICAN.
    we stick with that.
    i personally being latino puerto roc , and hav blk all en mi mix familia, we say BLACK,no AA here, sorry yall. as my father say,it is a real preference,but BLACK MEN and BLACK WOMEN etc. should NOT be force to be called AFRICAN and his father old school born in 1933,still alive 80 years almost young
    they say BLACK….adios 1

  • SteveJacksonRealMan

    i say black.
    simple as that.
    black-american,and that is what my grandfather say and great-grandmother said,and we say we are black,and or black-american.always will.and so will the kiddies,and their kids etc.

  • Derek Mullings

    Dear Suge Knight, your lack of intelligence is exceeded only by your lack of talent.

  • davidattoyotamotorsports

    Whites are way ahead of suge. We have been calling you a nigger for years.