You don't have to listen to a rapper expound on their life's philosophy for very long to hear that many consider hip-hop to be a "competitive sport." If we consider that particular chestnut of conventional wisdom to be true then one of the ways you can measure who is winning "the game" is by going to the statistics. Who made the most amount of money? Who call sell out the biggest venue? Who can charge the most for a guest feature?

One of hip-hop's consistent benchmarks for determining success is the platinum album. After all the work that goes into writing, recording, producing and promoting an album, going platinum is in many ways ultimate validation for an artist. It is nice to be validated by fans in the form of commercial sales.

While there are hundreds of artists who have released a platinum album over their career, there are the select few that have done it more than once. But who has the most platinum albums ever? XXL has compiled a list of  the rappers who have the most platinum albums ever in their career.