OverDoz Talk Co-Signs From Juicy J, Pharrell And Nipsey Hu$$le


Fast forward to now with BOOM. How did that come together?
Joon: Most of our stuff was conceptual music so this was the first project where we actually just rap. And that shit was fun to us.

Kent: And it was old music. I feel like the quality is more thought out. I’m talking about a girl I dated two and a half years ago. And it still registers to people so that let me know that we on something timeless and that’s all that it’s about. You can listen to your favorite songs at anytime

Sleezy: Most of the songs that we made with intention to put on the album. We weren’t making concepts, we was just rapping and making good songs. I mean, all of our albums are quality in our eyes, it’s just this is what we chose to give as a mixtape.

You’ve got some major names on the record.
OverDoz: Juicy J!

Creamie: I was trying to get him on it; he said he needed a comedian for a show or something. Everybody was hitting him up. He said some stuff about me, and he followed me [on Twitter] before I followed him. So I’m like, damn, okay, Juicy hit me. One night we [were] all turnt and I’m like, fuck this, I’ma hit Juicy, he needs to jump on this album. So we just emailed him this track, then couple months later we was in the studio. Then a song just popped up. And he [Kent] saw it first and played it, crazy.

Kent: I didn’t tell them Juicy was on there, I just saw the email, plugged up my ear phones and Creamie said, “Why we listening to ‘Lapdance’?” then Juicy just came on.

Creamie: I remember three years ago we were at Paid Dues [Festival] and we performed there. And we walked up stage and he was there, he was cool as fuck.

Kent: Cool as fuck, and besides us, he has the best performance. I went to two or three shows in a week and they all hype. I’m talking about he’s jumping for an hour. This dude is damn near 40 if not already.

That Nipsey Hu$$le track ["These Niggas"] was bananas.
Kent: That was the last track and we were trying to get him for years. Coming from L.A. we grew up around where he grew up. That record solidifies us in our own city as far as the streets. A lot of people fuck with Nipsey on the streets. He just dropped a $100 [mixtape]. That may not mean something to a lot of people but coming from the West Coast and him still being an independent artist, we need him. It was exactly what we wanted for OverDoz, the next move for OverDoz. After he did that record, that’s why we put it out so fast. Soon as he did the verse, we got it out.

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