In roughly three years, OverDoz has gone from being four California kids who enjoy funk music to signing a recording contract with RCA/Polo Ground Records. The group is composed of four members—Kent, Joon, Sleezy and Creamie—all different personalities that mesh together for one singular mission: to provide fans with good music and to bring the funk back into hip-hop. This year they dropped their latest mixtape, BOOM, which turned the heads of music critics by mixing hip-hop with 1990s style R&B vocals. Next year the group plans to drop their debut album, 2008, When Everybody Loved Everybody, in the summer of 2014. XXL spoke to OverDoz to discuss their latest mixtape, funk music and the differences between them and fellow Californians Odd Future. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

XXL: Who is OverDoz?
Kent: I’m the vocalist. I’m the rapper. That’s my role musically. Creamie is the comedian, Joon and Sleezy rap, too. People like to say we’re unorthodox as far as combination of our group. Technically this is how rap groups have always been, I feel like. It’s a little bit more old school. I think that’s why our fans are our fans, because they get the feeling from a lot of their favorite groups kind of meshed into one.

How did you guys meet?
Kent: I moved [to California] from Atlanta, Georgia when I was six. Joon and I met playing baseball at a recreation park. Him and Sleezy probably knew each other from playing travel ball. Sleezy and I met coincidentally—we played high school baseball against each other—but we met musically [when] he came to a studio session [and] gave his input to an engineer. And from then on we formed OverDoz.

The name came from the relationship we have with our friends and people back home. When we first did music we would meet people and play our stuff in our headphones while the music was still bumpin' in the party, and they would say, “Yo I will never hear that again, where can I get it?” And we'd just leave them at the party. [Laughs] And they would look us up and tell their friends. People just started overdosing on the little amount of product we would give out.