Nitty Scott, MC Speaks On The State Of Females In Hip-Hop


Nitty Scott, MC had a lot on her mind.

Earlier today on Twitter, the Brooklyn rapper addressed certain publications and their processes of co-signing the next up-and-coming female in hip-hop. Her series of tweets delve into the cases of Kreayshawn and Lola Monroe, who were two promising acts to blow up since Nicki Minaj’s undeniable run. Later on, she called out Iggy Azalea, Diamond and Tiffany Foxx, where she argues that these MCs did little to break into the culture.

Nitty Scott isn’t afraid to let some things off her chest. Do you agree?

The thing is, these publications keep trying to hype up certain female MC’s as the “next big ONE” & they are always wrong. it is not shade when i say that most of these girls sign noisy ass deals then sit on the shelf while “hit singles” never come out or flop remember when kreayshawn got a million dollar deal & it was on?! erm, yeah … or what about lola monroe? they covered shorty like she was just destined to save hip-hop …& all that really happened was she affiliated with wiz, un-afilliated with wiz, then had a baby all this promo & NONE of who they fed me has been able to penetrate the culture. iggy? no. diamond? no. tiffany foxx? hell no.

YUP I SAID IT. NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO DELIVER WHAT THE PEOPLE REALLY NEED FROM THE NEXT STRONG FEMININE HIP-HOP INFLUENCE i let all these wack shorties go first so people can recognize their wackness & keep seeking the real … that’s when they’ll discover me, keeping it consistently dope for years, ready to play my position & i promise when it’s finally time to acknowledge that, i’m going in like i KNOW what it’s like to be the hungriest soul on the bench. i don’t care about none of these resumes & accolades y’all bringing up either. I WILL OUT RAP HER AND HER AND HER AND HER.

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  • Action Bronson

    Get it.

  • GodRoeHoe!

    Another ho trynna come up off of beef. She’ll end up just like Azealia Banks. Her manager told her to say this. He’s up on twitter checking to see if people are actually gonna pay her non-factor ass any mind lmao

    • Nanette

      Whether she is a non-factor ass or not, the truth doesn’t lie. She is better than ll of those chicks she mentioned , and even of those she DIDN’T mention-

      • GodRoeHoe!

        Not really.If she really was that dope she wouldn’t even have to mention anybody else. She would let her music speak. But the fact of the matter is that her style of music is outdated by more than 10 years, her flow is lazy and un-original in every sense of the word, and she’s bringing nothing new to the table. She’s not an entertainer. She’s not a rapper. She’s not an emcee. She’s a weak poet with an inflated sense of importance. Her Rhymes look like they’ve been pulled out of a highschoolers poetry book meaning they’re cliche and they’ve been re-used and recycled a thousand times over and then some. In other words, the bitch is a fake deep rapper trying entirely too hard to be lyrical. And don’t come at me with “she is lyrical” because nothing this bitch says is creative or new lyrically.

        • Puccie

          LMAO you read that dumb bitch DOWN!

    • King Kenyatta

      nah I don’t think she’s trying to come up off beef. have you even listened to her music? She’s dope. She’s selling out shows, selling albums, and gaining recognition as a dope female artist. She’s been winning fam. She’s a successful mcee that owns her own record label and has a distribution deal. Check your facts..she’s just stating what’s real! All them other female rappers fell off, they were presented to you as hype, as the next big thing. And they fell off! Nitty is real my dude trust me!

      • GodRoeHoe!

        Isn’t trying ot come up off beef? Go to her managers twitter and see what that fat fuck was tweeting lol. He was on twitter screaming “free promo!” and she was on twitter screaming “dance for me!”. And what venues are you talking about? Because looking at youtube her venues are extremely small. Even for an up and coming rapper. Especially one that talks so much shit. What albums is she selling? She has none out. What fans does she have? A total of 3. She hasn’t trended a single time on any social media site. Nobody is here for her. She’s here yelling people fell off when she was never on and those people are still doing better than she is doing and will ever do. The only person that she’s calling out that actually fell off was Kreayshawn because she’s a one hit wonder and Tiffanny Foxx because she’s been out . Iggy is charted in numerous countires and has a HUGE fanbase as well as numerous endorsement deals, Lola is in the talks with various labels and was commissioned for her own TV show and is being interviewed by some of the largest hip-hop publications. But where is Nitty? Somewhere in a dusty ass studio seething because other females get more attention than her. That’s what her whole rant was about after all. She’s a salty ass ho. Maybe if she spent some of that time perfecting her craft instead of looking at the next bitch she would have gotten somewhere by now.

  • Mic Sean

    She aint lying.

  • MH

    While some of the things she’s saying is true does she have to put other female rappers down in the process? Stop being the hungriest soul on the bench and be the hungriest soul in the game. Don’t talk about how dope you are be that dope.

  • hmmm…

    Just checked her out. This bitch aint fuckin wit Lola. Ima need her to remove Lola’s name from between her lips.