Rap veteran Lord Jamar's comments about white rappers being guests in hip-hop took the community by surprise. Understandably, Jamar is coming from an era in hip-hop that may not have been privy to the new age but again that still doesn't stop the genre from evolving. N.O.R.E, an NY native that has been in the rap game for quite some time recently gave his thoughts on the situation stating that although he can see where Jamar is coming from, times have changed and new things should be embraced.

“I believe what he’s saying is correct, but times have changed…I think that you can’t ever really argue with a bunch of fools and be looked at as being smart,” said N.O.R.E. on Vlad TV. “A wise man told me a long time ago, ‘Don’t ever argue with a fool cause from afar people can’t tell which one is the fool and which one is the wise man.’ Now, I think that Lord Jamar is absolutely right in how the foundation of Hip Hop started. To a certain extent it should remain that way, to a certain extent.”

Later adding, “I welcome white Hip Hop. I welcome that,” said the rapper. “You know what I’m saying? But I see where he’s coming from. As a person who’s—I’m 36. I think Lord Jamar he’s 46 or in his 40s. I’m a couple of years younger, but I see where he’s talking about. So, I know the era he’s speaking about and those people who was doing it at the time. Those four fathers would probably frown on this. You know what I’m saying? But look at it like this. I look at it like this, my father was anti-gay. He was anti anything that resembled gay. Like he had family members in his family he never spoke to because they were gay…What I’m saying is those people can’t be talked out of how they feel. They feel the fuckin way they feel. And that’s it.”

Watch the clip above.