Lupe Fiasco stopped by DJ Whoo Kid's radio show yesterday (Dec. 17) and discussed a wide range of topics, from the violence in Chicago to his new work with Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar to why he thinks Kanye West is the biggest artist out right now. After a tweet from SOHH apparently mischaracterized Lupe's words, he took to his ever-lively Twitter account to expound on the subject. Lupe's tweets are protected, so we've copied and pasted them below, with the first at the top. What do you think of Lupe's opinion?

"Kanye is not the best rapper alive. Biggest artist rapper no sir...didnt we cover this in PEACE OF PAPER/CUP OF JAYZUS?! Must we."

"I still think the Best Rappers Alive are on @urltv #SMMMMACK!"

"Best Artist is another category all together.. For me rap isn't about a BEAT OR SONG OR HOOK!!! It's about lyrical technique & wordsmithing"

"Artist FOR ME is the complete package. The best artist doesn't necessarily have to be the best lyricist and vice versa..."

"To ME Mos Def is the perfect example of a complete artistic package. Just the right balance of everything I look for in an artist.""

"Outkast is another example of a complete artistic package But these r all relatively PRE-INTERNET artists which I think has alot 2 do wit it"

"Right now FOR ME Kanye is quintessential example of the complete artistic package."

"I think in the Internet Age hip-hop artists lack diversity in style and content much like the late 80's and early 90's..."

"'s not a many internet age rappers sound like eminem, Kanye, Outkast, Jayz? Same can be said for artists in the late 80's.."

"A couple from MY PERSONAL short list that I PERSONALLY stay in tune with are Shabazz Palaces, @DAYLYT2k ,Travis Scott & Big Krit"

"The Artist whom I find greatly interesting and inspiring is MF DOOM."

"I think if Travis Scott was around better lyricists he'd be an absolute phenomenon on par with KL or Chance."

"Good MC's need to be around Good MC's to keep the knives sharp."

"MC's know what I'm talkin about. Not a shot. That's why I think battle rappers are the best rappers. The peer circle is so highly skilled"