Jewish Community Upset By Kanye West’s Comments


Looks like Kanye’s comments during last week’s NY press run have gotten him in a bit of a hot seat. With the The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) now on his coat-tail, the group is demanding an apology calling Ye’s words about the Jewish community extremely offensive and unnecessary.

“Man, let me tell you about George Bush and oil money and Obama and no money,” said Kanye in an interview with Power 105. “People want to say Obama can’t make these moves or he’s not executing. That’s because he ain’t got those connections. Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connection as oil people.”

Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL National Director then responded to Kanye’s opinion with some thoughts of his own. “If the comments are true as reported, this is classic anti-Semitism,”Said Foxman.”There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government. As a celebrity with a wide following, Kanye West should know better. We hope that he will take responsibility for his words, understand why they are so offensive, and apologize to those he has offended.”

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  • YungSauce

    “Oh no, they think we’re rich and powerful…..” Shut up. Be offended about something that matters.

  • Alicia

    Really? they are upset about something that people say about them every single day? comedians say it, regular people say it, they need to have several seats and pay attention to things that are really important, nothing that he said was untrue. Apologize my a**, he better not.

    • Aliciaisass

      Really? You are upset about being called a stupid bitch every day? Comedians say it, regular people say it, you need to have several seats and pay attention to things that are really important, nothing they said was untrue. Ignorant bitch. Take a seat yourself before you tell anyone else to.

      • Aliciaisass

        ps – comedians and “regular people” are assholes. As you seem to be as well.

  • That Guy

    Racism at it’s finest

  • roadrunner

    there are black jews and black arabs-so um-think you are wrong

  • joe

    Kanye is a horrible Racist, still trying to blame George Bush when Obama has ignored black people and unemployment for blacks has gone up. Kanye is a very mad person and looks angry all the time, probably because he has a violence charge against him and sells just 24% of tickets to the concerts he does not cancel.

  • Lee Theodore

    To whom it may concern,

    I believe there has been an undue amount of backlash
    concerning a remark, taken out of context and without discussion, of what Kanye
    West had said concerning “Jewish money”.

    I would like to first inform you that I am sending this
    message from Canada, specifically a little west of the nation’s capital. Now I
    state this so that you can understand that this line of thinking resonates with
    a person from a separate cultural background then the Kanye West, almost
    seemingly removed from American culture and particular ideologies.

    As I grew up I learned about both the Bible (I do not have a
    religion but I have deep faith and good respect of what all faiths mean to humanity,
    as a “cohesive” energy) and about my history as an African Canadian. Furthermore,
    I grew up with a sense of pride that I am of Haitian decent. Meaning, I come
    from the first civilization that repelled slavery and established independence
    from France, well before America had its revolution.

    There has existed a black race for more than 200 years that
    should have, at this point, recovered from enslavement, produced a culture that
    bred proper representations of itself to go forth and solicit other countries
    to benefit from what the culture could produce. This also known as “trade”.
    This hasn’t happened. There a numerous reason that could explain this but this
    is just a framework to pull from.

    Move from a macro examination to a micro examination and I
    look at myself in the grand scheme of things. I am first generation Canadian, God
    bless the great White North, as I have an abundance of opportunities and yet, I
    can’t access a lot of the results certain peers have had access to. Many of
    which are not “excessive” in acquiring, I would believe, are fully attainable. I
    continue to do my family’s legacy its due respect as I continue to “strive to
    thrive”, so I am not speaking from a “down trodden” perspective.

    One of the things I examined was my father in relation to
    say an Irish father. Family names have longevity and with that come a certain
    amount of respect. So when I look at the local shoemaker and that craft, which
    is a trade that may or may not have been passed down from father to son and so
    forth. However, that ability to connect with something from the past to
    continue to foster a future is powerful. There are fewer obstacles to start up
    as the experience and wisdom has been turned into a tradition to be used as a
    means to live by.

    However, we could move away from the idea that the following
    generation would like to indeed commit to the same lifestyle of their patriarch
    and would like to go into a different profession or vocation. The access to
    resources becomes the gift, the benefit of not having to go through “first time”

    For example, a son turns to his father, the shoe maker and
    says, “Dad, I would like to go to school to be an electrician”. The father
    says, “no problem, in fact, I KNOW someone who is an electrician who may take
    you on for the weekend. If you decide to pursue this as an education, I will
    provide you with what money I have available to START you off well.”

    I think of my father who did not have a Haitian network to
    tap into. I think of my father, who took pioneer steps, knew what he knew and emigrated
    to Canada. How does he begin his life? Learning
    a new language, learning new cultural norms, essentially having to integrate
    with no guarantees of identity or purpose in society.

    Now what Kanye is saying, as I interpret it and put it into
    context of what I am seeing, is WE as a race, are not as structured,
    resourceful, or cohesive as other races (not yet), and of a particular example of
    a successful culture that exist among many cultures, are Jewish people. There
    is no contention of money or power or control but a reference to live one day
    in a similar fashion. Something “identifiable and holistic”.

    I believe the essence of what Kanye says is that black people are not yet at a
    point where we can identify one another as “people” and find strengths and a
    reaffirmation of belief in “self” and that is due to a lack of leadership from
    the top. But that begets the question of where are our leaders…?

    Now, I can understand the sensitivity of seeing the “Jewish”
    name come from the person that is Kanye West (keep up the good work Kanye cause
    smiling our way through shit is just not productive anymore) in relation to
    money. I am glad that your culture is worth defending. I just feel Kanye was
    trying to use a very good example of what kind of people black people could be
    but we can only get there if it is openly addressed.

    I am sorry that Kanye used a Jewish reference but I believe me
    there is an underlying respect for the Jewish culture in its ability to persevere
    and succeed and be relevant in a modern world, despite the history it came from
    and that success is all due to the choices Jewish people as a whole, employed,
    as a race, to ensure its survival.

    It is entirely plausible that as this is being read, someone
    may feel that this my perspective is skewed or is not accurate but I will tell
    you that MY view on how life is and how I have observed networks that I wish my
    father had privy to, would have allowed me access to many more opportunities
    which would have allowed me to be able to do more than what I am doing at this
    point in time.

    So Kanye’s words resonates with me and I would hope that
    someone would gain a perspective and have a dialogue with him before publically
    declaring him to be any kind of hater. Heck…if you wanted to take it to a base
    level, why do you think rappers take opportunities to thank Jewish lawyers in
    their songs. It is a form of recognition that Jewish people are who we would
    like to associate with. Not for their money, we can get our own but for their
    ability to so unified that they produce a culture of success and admiration.

    In one way or another, we reference each other’s success to
    push ourselves further. It is unfortunate that the use of the word “Jewish”
    caused such a sensitive conversation to be had and all the while, the message
    that Kanye was trying to convey goes lost in the defence of a reference…

    Anwho, Yeez, have it my dude. Other folks who still want to
    feel negative ways about this can simply speak with a Jewish person who works
    with Kanye and ask them if Kanye is as ignorant as people are trying to make
    him out to be. Problem solved. Right
    from the source.

    We are all multiracial and singularly cultural. If you cannot
    recognize the people that are working towards that end maybe you need to become
    uncomfortable and ask people why they may like the people they like or contrary
    and find TRUTHS with a willingness to release your perspectives you will grow.
    Conversely, if you are internet in blowing excerpts up to be grater the body of
    work as a whole, have a civil ADULT conversation as to why you do not like
    something. Use your energy well.

    Thanks for reading,

    T. Strong