Is Jay Z Losing His Appeal With The Youth?


Jay Z has amassed almost unimaginable fortunes throughout his nearly 20 years in the rap game building his brand through a number business ventures. But is his trademark on the descent? According to research and information gathered by celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev, such may be so, at least among people between the ages of 13-31. Sehdev surveyed 1,000 millennials and found that Jay’s precedent setting Magna Carta Holy Grail deal with Samsung was the second least popular celebrity deal of the last 12 months.

Among Hov’s recent power moves that were also frowned upon by the same age group was his Brooklyn Nets deal, while others questioned his trustworthiness. “Millennials questions his approach to loyalty, whether it be to a business deal or his fans,” Sehdev said. “His motivations to just make money can be viewed by this audience as self-centered, even if they may be business savvy.” Jigga also ranks among the least influential celebrities when it comes to purchasing decisions. Despite these finding, Sehdev said the information also discovered the rapper remains popular with Americans of all ages.

Jay Z one-liner refuting the negative findings coming in 5…4…3…2…

Peep the full report at Business Insider.

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  • antilame

    oh that’s bullshit

  • FilthyRich

    wadup j1gga sign me to the “ROC” homie…u need a latino like me frm los Angeles….llets make the connection EAST MEETS WEST

  • free max b

    lmao surveys like these are never divided evenly between race it would be like 2% black 2% latino 1% asian and 94% hillbillies no not white people i mean actual hillbillies living on a mountain top making butter and shit me personally idc about jay z deals his music is just luke warm thats why im not supporting that ass

    • Cocaine Howie

      his music is lukewarm because he’s lost passion. It’s what all that money does.