Today, Dec. 18, is the 47th birthday DMX! Born in Baltimore and raised in Yonkers, Earl Simmons has experienced an illustrious roller coaster of a career as a platinum-selling rapper, actor, and reality star. First busting into the game in 1992 under Ruffhouse Records, X got his first platinum-selling album in 1999, ...And Then There Was X , fueled by his signature single, "Party Up (Up Here)." X has starred in cult classics like Belly and Cradle 2 the Grave. Through legal woes and child custody disputes, X has remained one of the most notorious and singular talents in the game.

In 2016, X joined Diddy's Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour as a fan-favorite act. The summer tour was a blow out for fans of late '90s hip-hop and R&B.

“I’m grateful to be a part of it and grateful to be as successful as I’ve been,” said DMX when joining the likes of Lil Kim, Faith Evans, Diddy, Mase, 112 and more on tour.

In 2017, DMX kicked off the earlier half of the year by reuniting with his Ruff Ryders crew for their reunion show at the Barclays Center back in April. After his performance raised some eyebrows regarding his health and mindstate, the rapper checked into rehab. The veteran MC was also in a five-month tax evasion trial, which he plead guilty to in November. X is now working hard on his health, legal issues, as well as a reality show.

Happy Birthday, DMX!

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