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  • xxl-guess-rap-album-cover
    Art: Fletch
    Think you know rap album covers? How about if the covers are stripped down to their minimalist core. <br /><br />Any guesses on this alternate rap album cover above? What album cover can be reduced to tape and a camera?<br /><br />Flip through the "Guess the Rap Album Quiz" and see how many you can get right and let us know your favorite album covers in the comments below.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-2
    If you guessed Kendrick Lamar's <a href="" title="Kendrick Lamar Good Kid Maad City" target="_blank"><em>good kid, m.A.A.d city</em></a>, you are correct. This cover could not have been made without a Polaroid camera and some black tape. Click to check out the next minimalist rap album cover.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-3
    Art: Fletch
    A Yankees logo? That could be a lot of album covers, right? If you want to give up, click the arrow to get the answer.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album4
    Coming out of "retirement" to drop <em>Kingdom Come</em>, this was one of Jay's <a href="" title="Jay Z Biggest Hip Hop Moments" target="_blank">biggest hip-hop moments</a> since the <em>Black Album.</em> Hopefully you guessed correctly and this was a pretty big moment for you.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album5
    Art: Fletch
    Cap and gown can mean anything. Unless you know your covers, you can fall into a metaphor trap here.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-6
    If you bought the deluxe edition of Lil Wayne's <a href="" title="Tha Carter 4" target="_blank"><em>Tha Carter IV</em></a> then you might have been slightly confused. The deluxe edition had a red cap and gown with a black bow tie. You'll have to excuse the charisma.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-7
    Art: Fletch
    This one is too easy.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-8
    Not to rant about it, but Kanye West's <a href="" title="Yeezus" target="_blank"><em>Yeezus</em></a> was probably the easiest of the bunch since the original cover, or lack thereof, is as about as minimalist as one can get.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9
    Art: Fletch
    Every day is Flag Day with this minimalist cover. What album is it?
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9b
    Did you have a "F***in' Problem" coming up with the cover of A$AP Rocky's debut <em><a href="" title="A$AP Rocky Long Live A$SAP" target="_blank">Long. Live. A$AP</a></em>? Taking a cue from OutKast, Madonna and TV static, Rocky provides a haunting, minimalist cover suitable of framing.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9c
    Art: Fletch
    A number on the door of a burning house reminds me of an episode of <em>Lost.</em> But that's just me. What album cover does this minimalist version represent?
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9d
    While Eminem has been putting up Beatles-type sales fueled by the release of <em><a href="" title="Marshall Mathers LP 2" target="_blank">The Marshall Mathers LP 2</a></em>, the home from the cover and also from <em>The Marshall Mathers LP</em>, hasn't been so fortunate. The auction inventory number on the door was burned off when a <a href="" title="Eminem Boy home burned" target="_blank">fire engulfed the home</a> days after the release of <em>MMLP2</em>.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9e
    Art: Fletch
    I'll give you a hint: This has nothing to do with restroom symbols that come to life and terrorize a quaint, New England town.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9f
    With Kendrick's album, A$AP Rocky's debut and Jay-Z's <em><a href="" title="Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail" target="_blank">Magna Carta Holy Grail</a></em>, seems like black bars on album covers is a popular trend. Jay's cover here seems more like a Joy Division or '80s goth throwback album cover, but you know what they say, you can't judge an MP3, by its cover. <br /><br />Somewhere in America, some goth kids are confused.
  • xxl-guess-rap-album-9g
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  • Slame_Wallace

    Slide 2. Good Kind M.a.a.d City? You sure bout that?

    • Fletch

      Doh! Too much kind. Thx.

  • The Llamas

    I don’t think you understand what minilist means.

  • Matteo Palmer

    I thought Long.Live.A$AP was Amerikkkan Korruption

  • Helf

    The only good one was Kendricks because there isn’t a roll of tape or a camera visible all the others we’re REAL lame