Earl Sweatshirt’s Best Guest Verses To Date

“Oldie” – Odd Future

When the video for “Oldie” arrived, the coolest part about it was the return of Earl. His bars on the track were as sharp as ever, talking about 60-day chips from Fuckin’ Awesome Anonymous. He survived boarding school, was back, and we were all happy.

“Super Rich Kids” – Frank Ocean featuring Earl Sweatshirt

Frank Ocean’s soliloquy on the uninformed glamorous life gets a much-needed verbal lift from Earl. He comes off like a trust fund baby in his bars, sarcastically discussing crashing Jaguars and chomping on Xanax. You know, the life of super rich kids.

“The Daily News” – Domo Genesis, The Alchemist, SpaceGhostPurrp, Earl Sweatshirt, and Action Bronson

It would seem like on a track like “The Daily News” it would be easy to get lost in the sauce with all of the talent on the cut. That is unless you’re the dude rocking the hook. Earl and Bronsonlino chant in unison about kicking their Sperry’s up. What a visual.

“Rusty” – Tyler, The Creator featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Domo Genesis

There’s nothing rusty about Earl’s bars on this Wolf contribution. He plays cleanup as he tosses around some vulnerable albeit self-deprecating bars about anti-sobriety and lack of therapy. Kind of life Eminem, except, not.

“AssMilk” – Tyler, The Creator featuring Earl Sweatshirt

With a title like “AssMilk,” the verses have to be the redeeming factor on the track. Good thing they are. Both Tyler and Earl trade bars back and forth like they’re having one big psychotic conversation. It’s pretty awesome.

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  • fuckinyogirl

    earl is a fucking beast nigga can spit one of my favorite mc’s one of these days he’ll be a legend

  • DeFinite

    Cool with Mike G? Come on.

  • Slim Joe

    earl gonna be huge soon

  • Pano

    OFWGKTAPNCINTL? no love for casey veggies in this entire mag

    • Nortey

      Casey Veggies is SMH. Sorry.

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  • akoe

    So surprised “Between Friends” isn’t on here. One of my favorites songs ever.

    • superbat

      One of my favourite songs ever as well! :) but honestly i think EARLS verse on Between Villains is much better, not that his between friends verse isnt good, it’s awesome, it’s just IMO that’s like the only song he’s been outdone in, im obsessed with cpt murphys verse in that song, but yeah just my opinion, between friends is an awesome song!

  • Cooley

    If you’re gonna talk about Earl featuring on a Mike G song, Stick Up is the jam.

  • Kroffoian

    He makes good music, but both he and tyler (who fucking sucks) were shit at VGX

  • MO

    His verse on Mellowhype’s P2 is tight as hell, probably the best verse on numbers.

    • MO

      So why it isn’t on here idk

    • superbat

      It’s the last one on here. I agree, awesome verse.

  • Concerned Fan

    The fact that “Between Friends” isn’t on here make this list completely void in my opinion.

  • Concerned Fan


  • MildManneredReporter

    no orange juice?

  • jodiepepps

    ” …Earl is that he can ride a beat dolo” nice editors lol

  • chacha

    dead less important when the lakers loose earl

  • molliwopper421

    between villains?

  • jack

    earl is the best