It had to be a rather awkward moment for acclaimed art dealer Jeffrey Deitch when mistakenly called Diddy, Kanye West. An honest mistake being that Deitch and Diddy have previously met, the NY mogul just laughed it off knowing that Jeffery's mishap was simply a product of all the commotion.

"Jeffrey said, 'Hi, Kanye . . .,' then immediately realized he'd made a mistake, and looked absolutely mortified," a witness recalled. "There was a moment while everybody held their breath, then Diddy burst out laughing. He took it really well."

Jeffery spoke on the embarrassing encounter telling Page Six, "There was a big crowd gathered at the entrance to an art fair booth. I asked the dealer what the commotion was about and she said, 'Kanye is here.' I could only see the person from the back, and went over to say 'Hi Kanye'. To my great embarrassment, it turned out to be P Diddy. He thought it was very funny, especially since we had spent several hours together visiting my street art show in Los Angeles."