Clams Casino’s Best Beats To Date

“Illest Alive” – Main Attrakionz

Truth be told, Lil B also got his hands on this beat back when Clams was working hardbody with the Based God. However, Main Attrakionz won the braggin’ rites battle for this Bjork sampled moment of ecstasy.

“LVL” – A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky shouts out Clams Casino the moment the beat drops, as he should. Clammy Clams took a Harlem rapper and erased his zip code, providing him with a sound that defied any region or state of mind. It’s stuck with A$AP’s whole career thus far.

“I’m God” – Lil B

In the midst of Lil B’s absurd superlatives like “I’m God” lies this gem of a beat. Clams grabbed an Imogen Heap sample, took her breathy vocals and made the chillout beat of all beats. Whether you’re a god or a mere mortal, anyone can rock to this.

“Always Have A Choice” – Havoc

Did one half of Mobb Deep anticipate some day riding over a Morcheeba sample? Probably not, but Clams Casino placed Havoc right over “Fear And Love.” Since Alchemist has experimented with Mobb Deep’s production, this was a nice transition.

“Wassup” – A$AP Rocky

Trippy enough to place you in a whole other mindstate, yet solid enough for A$AP Rocky to ride over it with the spirit of Bone Thugs. A beat like this can only come from a producer that truly knows the artist he’s working with, and that’s obviously the case with Clams and Rocky.

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  • Khody Teslà Nikolà Morgan

    Why isn’t Motivation number one on this list?

  • basedgod

    “Lil B got lucky”, that is the biggest lie I have ever heard. CLAMS CASINO WOULD BE IRRELEVANT WITHOUT LIL B!!!!!!!!

  • facetat

    why hate on soulja or lil b, clams fucks with them based sounds better than something lyrical

  • tommy

    wait… u dont have Motivation OR Unchain Me on this list?…. i guess there are just too many of his beats that are incredible

  • Richard Lickz

    “Unchain Me” IS A GODDAMN MUST on this list, as well as “Cold War”. the predecessor of “I’m God”, “I’m The Devil” also should be on this list. fuck, you could have put most every production Clams has done in this list.

  • Real …

    No Real Shit From a Real Nigga or Bass???
    Also the Florence remix over his Lana Del Ray remix…ok
    and i don’t blame you for not putting it on the list but the instrumental for 23 dollars by Sha Stimuli is crack, sha just kinda ruined it

  • Thomas Angell

    what bout “asap rocky – Bass”???

  • samsamu786

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  • disqus_FcgarItKu3

    word. clams is the fucking man. his beats are a work of art. if you haven’t heard his instrumental mix tapes: DO IT. its a fucking experience

  • ddj

    bad list

  • mothbro

    what kind of list is this?