Nardwuar caught up with Chance The Rapper during his recent trek through Canada, and in typical Nardwuar fashion, a lot of pretty obscure records came up in the interview—Crucial Conflict, Acid Jazz and Acid Rock compilations, the Chicago MC Juice—as well as a lot of obscure stories from Chance's past. The interview is worth checking out above, but we watched it and pulled out a few things we learned from the interview, below.

What We Learned:
—Chance's mother owns tobacco fields in North Carolina

—The mother of a girl he liked in the 8th grade gave Chance Kanye's College Dropout (the explicit version), which his mother threw away

—Chance recorded the bulk of Acid Rap at Soundscape Studios, the place where Crucial Conflict recorded Good Side, Bad Side

—When Chance was interning for President Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, he was given a laptop from 1997 to work off. He was allowed to keep it, and started writing raps on it

—Madonna smells tropical, Obama smells like Michael Jackson

—Chance's dream is to have calamari on a silver platter

—Pat The Manager can cook a great steak

—Chance loves trees