Birdman Shows Off Pictures Of Immaculate New South Beach Mansion

Birdman Mansion8

At this point is his life, Birdman is clearly a habitual stunter. Your record label selling over 500 singles worldwide and being a recent mainstay in the Top 10 on Forbes’ hip-hop Cash Kings list can do that to you. The Cash Money CEO recently continued his flexing forte, this time taking to Instagram to show off computer generated images of his swank new mansion in South Beach which is currently being constructed. According to Birdman, it will be finished by mid February. This crib comes complete with futuristic waterfalls, marble floors, flat screen TVs that descend from the ceiling, crystal chandeliers and of course red decor.

Peep the pics of Baby’s new pad after the jump.

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  • Tic706

    Why the lady next to Birdman is looking like “hmph…I come
    from money…how did this ni—er get here?”

  • 414gunna

    ^^^Exactly what I was about to say. Lol. But, how them Miami niggas gonna tolerate this nigga after that shit Wayne did last year? NO PASSES

    • brollya

      u silly…. jus cuz he said fuck the miami heat….. so wat,… get cha money up and quit worrying bout rich niggaz

  • JaVonni Brustow

    You idiots, he bought this house almost a year and a half ago. Go look it up.

  • JaVonni Brustow

    You idiots he bought this house almost a year and a half ago. Look it up

  • Dwahn Denson

    I’m not hating but why do these guys feel the need to buy these things then five yrs later they are filing for bankruptcy and looking stupid (i.e. Dame Dash ) !

  • Cameron James

    I’m sure birdman bath’s in money i mean he is too rich lol i like that!!