Beyoncé Outsold Kanye’s Total ‘Yeezus’ Sales In Three Days


Kanye West’s Yeezus may be getting its critical due, topping many publications’ year-end lists, but sales-wise it hasn’t quite risen to the top. Yeezus sits at No. 25 on the year-end sales list.

After debuting at No. 1 after it arrived June 18 with 327,000 sold, Yeezus‘ sales were eclipsed by J. Cole’s Born Sinner in week two, falling 80 percent. To date, it has shifted 607,000 copies, according to Billboard, less than what Beyoncé’s self-titled effort sold in three days after she released it by surprise early Friday morning. Beyoncé shifted 617,000 units between Friday and Sunday, the end of SoundScan’s tracking week, enough to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Justin Timberlake’s first 20/20 Experience is the highest-seller of the year with 2.4 million sold, while Eminem placed second with 1.5 million for the Marshall Mathers LP 2, good enough for platinum status. Em snagged the highest debut week for a hip-hop album this year with 792,000, while Drake followed that with 658,000 for Nothing Was The Same. The full list hasn’t yet come out, but there are a few more details over at Billboard.

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  • Rob

    Drake sold more than her in one day! Since we are mentioning shit that does not matter!

    • adnedia

      wtf? drake sold that in a week . she relased her album on FRIDAY! which means thats she has 3 motherfucking days against 6 for drake so come on!

    • Thanx Nerve

      GTFOH you fool.

  • SSgt Williams

    XXL? Funny how you mention the sales VS “Yeezus”. But didn’t decide to put about Louis Farrakahn backing Kanye West’s recent comments about “Jewish people having more connections than Black people”…etc Making music that is influential and has a cultural impact like no other doesn’t always equate to album sales.

    • James

      Was that jewish line just Kanye being bitter at Drake for getting the deal from Nike or am I reading too much into this

      • SSgt Williams

        That can be anyone’s guess? Only reason why Kanye left Nike was because of royalities for his shoe designs and success. Drake just got a Jordan brand endorsement no differ than a million other rap artists as of late.

      • D.j. West

        He shouted out Drake many times in that interview, even said Drake was the best MC in the game right now DESPITE touring with Kendrick.

  • James

    How about Jay-Z selling a million before his album was even out?
    I bet it was Jay’s idea for Beyonce to release her album this way.
    He may be far from my favorite rapper (he wouldn’t make my top 5) but he sure is one hell of a business man

    • Guest

      So who would make your top 5….? Just curious

    • Tyler Durden

      Was the album good ???

    • Peso

      this got Jay all over it…the way she released it. The same thing Yeezus, MCHG and other Roc Nation artist are doing showing you can sale records multiple ways in this Internet driven industry besides just the basic 2-3 old fashioned way of doing things

    • Spitticus

      That doesn’t count… he didn’t sell a million before he released it, he signed a deal with samsung that bought a million copies of his album for their new phone promotion to get people to want to buy the phone. If that didn’t happen he would not have sold that much in the short amount of time and we all know it. Holy Grail was a less than decent album.

  • Peso

    Jay, Beyoncé, Kanye etc. are opening new doors for Hip-Hop by taking chances and finding new ways to do things. A lot of people are going to hate but I think these types of moves at the end of the day are for Hip-Hop not just themselves because the 3 artist I mentioned above are going to be okay even if all their future albums flop…so keep being them Indians that go over the hill first like Jay Z said about Kanye on The Breakfast Club awhile back

    • kaboozleheimer

      jay-z and beyonce are taking zero chances in anything they do. kanye is taking all of the chances and making the best music of anyone right now.

  • D.j. West

    So? Yeezus > every other album this year.

  • 8Galaxy5

    EM outsold the rap clowns yet again.
    Even outsold Drake who is in his prime right now and EM is past 40.

  • Black Jay

    Kanye is a doper artist by far. But if you want that industry tool and someone that doesn’t really have their own thoughts about navigating the industry and allows their “hubby” to guide them down the path of sales… It’s Beyonce by far!

  • Zuri A.

    Was this really necessary to acknowledge? Just seems like random hate.