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  • PaulWalker2
  • B.o.BGuns
  • BirdmanCashMoney
  • DiddyCuffing
  • NickiminajDrake
  • NickiMinajRihanna
  • DrakeDrawing
  • bowFast&furious
  • BowwowAngelaBassett

With the passing of Fast & Furious superstar Paul Walker, the holidays approaching, and everyone indulging in winter mischief; hip-hop had a mixture of emotions on Instagram this week. Scroll through.

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    I know that it is cool to be around different people when it comes to color but there is nothing like blending in with them too. make sure when you choose to make friends that the people that you meet are on the same road as you. don’t make them feel less then you are when you building a rapport with them. I know that I like people who love to travel, read, and go to the theater. that is me all day long. anyone will tell you that I am a sucker for black and white films of the 20′s era. that is right without the sound took kid. we are living in a world now where there is a lot to see and know if only you will take the time to make the time. if you are only in it for the perks then I know someone who is all bout making their time work for them is not going to give you the moments that you need in order to keep up with them. learn to manage yourself will and you will about progress and leadership. I am a flower child that wants the world to grown and love each other endlessly. let us start today and see what the future holds for us all.