When Kanye West went on a promotional run for the Yeezus Tour in New York City last month, everyone was waiting to see how Kanye and Charlamagne Tha God would interact on 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club. With Charlamagne Tha God's brash and straight forward style and Yeezy's quick temper, the stage was set for a primetime fight. Well, the interview lived up to everyone's expectation and more. The "shock-jock" host questioned Kanye's actions, calling him a “walking contradiction." He told Kanye that he thinks Yeezus is "wack" and even called him “Kanye Kardashian.” To everyone's surprise, Yeezy didn't go nuts on him like he did on Sway In The Morning and Charlamagne became the star of the show.

Fast forward to today, Charlamagne was recently profiled in the New York Times, where he discussed his long tough road to radio. XXL tuned in and pulled out 8 Things We Learned from the article including his jail stints, his relationship (or lack there of) with Wendy Williams, and the meaning behind his name.