6 Critics Of Kanye West

Sway Calloway

Kanye West and radio and television host Sway Calloway have enjoyed a relationship that has gone back years. West even bought Sway his first television after he learned that the longtime hip-hop personality did own a set.

Thus, it came as a bit of surprise when Sway and Kanye got into a heated argument on Shade 45′s Sway In The Morning show last week. Kanye had been venting his frustrations regarding his inability to garner funding from corporations for his proposed high-end fashion line when Sway posed a simple question that set the rapper off. “Why don’t you empower yourself…and do it yourself?, ” Sway asked.

“You ain’t got the answers, Sway,” Kanye was soon screaming at Calloway. After a couple of heated moments, Sway told Kanye that he “ain’t got to turn up” and did not need to act this way while on-air. Cooler heads prevailed between the two friends and the interview continued on smoothly.

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  • DdashMurray

    Why the FUCK can’t xxl ever post an article without a typo, spelling error or punctual error. Come on guys. Do you not take your articles seriously? And its not like its just an every now and then type of thing…. its all the time.

    • Slame_Wallace

      I was just about to say the same thing. Kanye Wes ahah.

  • DdashMurray

    And kanye sucks. Do people actually listen to this guy? Maybe its just the area I live in, but I have never heard of anyone listening to kanye.

    • Mathew

      he’s like the most critically acclaimed hip hop artist of our time though…

    • Slame_Wallace

      Everybody listens to yeezy. Don’t act like you weren’t bumpin don’t like.