43 Photos Of DMX’s Mean Mugging Perfection

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    $1.23 Million
    At one point DMX owed over $1 million in back pay child support. X had neglected to pay the monthly installments for nearly 10 years, leaving the payments to just rack up. X finally spoke on the matter, "Yes I am [behind in child support]", DMX told Dr. Phil. "The reason being, at the time I was making $13 million a year. So if I’m making $13 million a year then I can pay that. I haven’t made that in about 10 years so of course I’m behind in payments. But the children are taken care of."
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    DMX Arrested For DUI On 7/26/13
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Are you constantly picked on and just mad at the world? Well XXL is here with a treat today. Taught by the master of mean mugs himself, XXL presents “43 Photos of DMX’s Mean Mugging Perfection.”

Make sure to add in a rough pitched “WHAT!” and  your problems will surely cease.

Happy 43rd Birthday DMX!

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