For a while now, there has been a rumored underlying rift between Yo Gotti and members of Three 6 Mafia. Not helping matters is the fact that both Gotti and DJ Paul claim to be the "King of Memphis." According to Gotti, whatever misunderstandings he and Three 6 have had in the past still causes Juicy J, now of Taylor Gang fame, to dodge him. Yesterday, Gotti took to Twitter to address the matter saying that Juice avoids him when they are in the same space. "Somebody Tell @therealJuicyj Quit Dodging Me Everytime he see Me.. My Nigga I ain't tryna do nothin To U," he typed. Gotti then added, "My Nigga u from Memphis.. if I was tryna do some to u it woulda been Happen @TheRealJuicyJ And if I had yo line I woulda hit U," followed by the hash tag, #RealShit.

Juice has yet to respond, publicly. Yo Gotti's new album, I Am, hits stores November 19.

[via Vlad]