Queens hip-hop crew World's Fair has always had an eerie vibe to its sound and now it has some visuals to match that aesthetic.

The group, made up of Jeff Donna, Prince SAMO, Cody B. Ware, Lansky Jones, Remy Banks and Nigel Nast, has released a video for "Sammy Sosa," a song off its recently released free project, Bastards of The Party. The video shows the members walking through a neon-lit chinatown, with various ominous characters popping up. Things get weird when a woman with smeared makeup shows up. Things get even weirder when the crew starts puking up static-colored vomit.

World's Fair will be headlining Hot97's "Who's Next?" showcase on November 21, with Rat King, the Incomparable Shakespeare and G4SHI opening.