Yesterday Waka Flocka Flame took a break from touring the world and shooting wild videos, taking some time to answer questions from curious fans during a Reddit Ask Me Anything Session along with EDM producer and DJ Borgore. The session was a combination of silly requests and inquiries about Waka's music. The rapper, who recently released his From Roaches To Rollies mixtape, was game, answering questions about his pre-show rituals, his music and whether or not he likes Tyler, The Creator. Check out selections from the AMA below.

What is your go to munchie? who is your favorite famous person you've met?
Sour gummies , famous people suck.

Are Kit Kats your favorite candy?
I hate Kit Kats.

Yo Waka do you fuck with Tyler's music like he does with yours?
Of course, thats lil bra mufucka.

How much pussy do you guys get?
Enough to satisfy.

Whats the baddest bitch you ever been with?
My hand.

Waka, I'd love to hear who are some of the other artists you'd like to work with in the future. Hip-hop or not.
Fukk hip-hop ....ONLY TURNUP MUSIC.

[via Reddit]