Pitchfork shared another episode of their “Over/Under” series featuring the always-entertaining Riff Raff. The segment evaluates a random collection of topics and the interviewee decides if they are overrated or underrated.

Riff is never one to be shy when the cameras turn on. In this episode, he talks about:

Global warming – “I don’t give a fuck about that shit.”

Adoption – “There’s no real answer for it, just try to make the best out of the situation.”

Shrimp – “Depends on how it’s cooked.”

The State Of Minnesota – “The whole United States is part of the Earth.”

Freestyling – “It’s not freestyles, it’s fee styles.”

Mortal Kombat – “I don’t play video games. I quit school in elementary because of recess.”

Riff's never one to disappoint. Watch the rest of the clip above.