Life keeps getting better for Nas. The acclaimed Illmatic and Life Is Good rapper is the executive producer of Shake The Dust, a new documentary that examines the evolution of rapping and breakdancing in foreign lands. In addition to his producer role, the New York artist will also contribute original music to the film, which recently debuted its trailer.

The trailer for the Adam Sjöberg-directed film shows how hip-hop culture has spread across the world, with fans from South America, Africa and Asia showing their best dance moves and providing testimonials about the impact music has had on their lives. "Hip-hop gives us a sense of ownership," says one of the fans in the trailer. "Hip-hop is a community. It gives you a sense of family."

Nas has dipped his toe in the world of film production before, scoring credits as a producer on both 2001's Sacred Is the Flesh and 2008′s Tyson. He will also be featured in the upcoming film version of Black Natvity, directed by Eve's Bayou filmmaker Kasi Lemmons. You can check out the trailer for Shake The Dust above.