YouTube comments aren't traditionally the most constructive form of criticism, but that isn't stopping Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and New Jersey producer Clams Casino from using the often heated discourse of YouTube as a source of creative inspiration. Today and tomorrow at 12 p.m. PST, the two artists will attempt to make an original track using the unruly comment threads of YouTube as their guide as part of HP's 2 Days Beat project.

Casino—the producer behind ethereal tracks for Lil B, A$AP Rocky and more—will make the beat using the HP SplitX2, a computer that he also appears in an ad for. In a Tweet about the event, Mensa said, "This thing I'm doing with @clammyclams right now sooo raw."

Viewers will not only be able to view live-stream video footage of the INNANETAPE rapper and Casino working together, but they'll also be able to leave comments that will presumably help shape the track. Let's hope the YouTube commenters have some helpful feedback. If Young Guru can build a beat through Google Glass, Clams and Mensa should be able to get some solid work done as well. Watch the live stream above.