After Nas and Kendrick Lamar stopped by the new Arsenio show, it shouldn't be too surprising to see a rapper on the program, but last night's Tyler, The Creator appearance was still pretty surreal. Instead of performing a track from Wolf, the Odd Future leader sat—and occasionally stretched out on—the couch for an interview with the veteran talk show host.

Arsenio kicked off the conversation by saying that his 14-year-old son is a big fan. Things proceeded amicably, though a bit awkwardly, from there, with the two discussing why Tyler abstains from drugs, his recent criticism of the YouTube awards and his explanation for why he continues to use offensive and homophobic language in his songs. "You choose to be offended if you care about stuff like that," he tells Arsenio in the clip. "It's just another word that has no meaning." Check out the interview above.

[via Miss Info]