Has Tyler, The Creator Found His Doppleganger?


If Tyler, The Creator didn’t believe in the folklore of the doppleganger (an exact non-twin double of a living person) before today, a picture may have changed his mind. Either that or the 22-year-old rapper has a pre-teen son walking around that he just found out about. Earlier today, the Odd Future front man posted a photo to his Instagram account of a kid who eerily favors the young rap sensation. Wolf Haley posted the flick, a picture that was apparently sent to him by a fan, with the hilarious caption “THIS IS F#CKED.”

Check out the picture, below, and tell us what you think. This has to be photoshoped, right?


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  • Schles

    a black kid that looks like a monkey… spot on tyler. lol

    • Louis

      youre a dickhead

  • Anonymous

    But Tyler’s doppleganger is David Alaba https://twitter.com/fucktyler/status/326789985250455553

    • Ivan98

      David Alaba is like the only black guy with normal hair, and they do look alike

  • shabooboo

    nigerians looks alike…