Tyler, the Creator has enjoyed some pretty good days this year: He released a new album, he met Dave Chapelle, and he even appeared on Arsenio. But it turns out each of those days pales in comparison to an even more significant event from this year: performing with Kanye West at the Odd Future carnival.

In a refreshingly effusive blog post on Odd Future's Tumblr, the OF figurehead wrote that this year's Odd Future carnival was the greatest day of his life. In addition to being overjoyed by seeing so many people together united under the Odd Future banner, Tyler was particularly excited that Kanye West performed at the event.

"Someone retweeted an old Tweet of mine from Feb 2012 yesterday and it read 'I Had A Dream That Kanye Invited Me To Perform 'Late' With Him. I Wish,’" wrote Tyler in the post. "Kanye came to the carnival and I performed 'Late' with him. My favorite song by Kanye, an album cut he NEVER does, was performed not only with but during my set and my carnival! No matter if you hate me think I'm stupid untalented annoying or whatever, I FUCKING WIN AND YOU CAN SUCK MY WHOLE SHIT."

Earlier today, Kanye himself gave major props to Tyler while making an appearanace on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9. West was particularly impressed by the Carnival. "He knows what he wants to do and that’s the reason why the universe responds to him like that," said West in the interview. "He just threw a carnival in L.A. where 10,000 people came out."

Read Tyler's blog post about the Odd Future Carnival in its entirety here.