On October 30, former Cash Money member Turk’s father died from an apparent homicide. An unknown vehicle in New Orleans struck Tab Virgil Sr., who died at 52. The driver fled the scene and police are currently investigating the incident, as well as searching for the person responsible for the hit-and-run.

"I worked up until this happened. I’m still doing what I do, but I had to take a break," Turk tells XXL.  "Just take my mind off the lost, but no matter what I am doing, I still can’t take it out of my head. My daddy, he was my best friend."

Days after the passing of his father, Turk revealed details on Twitter about a funeral service for friends, family and fans at Lion of Judah in his hometown today. There will also be a concert held at the end to help raise funds to pay for his father’s funeral.

In the middle of what seemed like a gesture of celebration, Turk felt slighted that his Cash Money brethren—Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Ronald "Slim" Williams and Manny Fresh—weren’t showing support for his loss and vented his frustrations in a video posted on YouTube. Contrary to headlines this week saying Turk put Cash Money blast, he actually says it was a message of love and peace. XXL caught up with him to clear the air, as well as speak about his father and his upcoming appearance in Drake's "Worst Behaviour" video. Eric Diep

"When I sent it out, it was a message to my Cash Money brothers of love and peace."

On his dad being his biggest fan:
Turk: My daddy, he was my biggest, biggest fan. Everywhere he went, he made sure to tell somebody that he was my dad. He always kept pictures of me just to show people. People used to say when they found out, “Oh, you do look like Turk.” He be like, “Nah.” Stop you in your tracks: “Turk look like me.” He just went hard for me. He was my biggest fan, so I feel its only right for me to give him his last concert. He never attended any of my concerts, but he had all my CDs from the time I was with Cash Money all the way until I went independent. I just feel its only right I celebrate his life after the mourning, after all the funeral service. Just to let people know that he in a better place and we’re going to end it on a good note.

On his Cash Money affiliates for not supporting him:
I want to get your attention now. Enough is enough. It wasn’t no diss. It wasn’t no beef. It was letting them see me on tape. I know they on the road, I know they doing their own thing. But its been a week. I haven’t gotten a phone call. I was just reaching out in the best way and the only way I knew how at that time. I still haven’t had a phone call. I still haven’t gotten a response. I wasn’t asking them to send them no money or anything. A lot of people in the media they took it the wrong way and worded it and titled it the wrong way.

When I sent it out, it was a message to my Cash Money brothers of love and peace. They flipped the words and said what they said. If you listen to the video, you basically hear me saying you keep doing y'all thing I’m going to keep doing my thing. Y’all say y’all mess with me I expect y’all to be there. Whether y’all call and said, “I send my condolences. Keep ya head up.” Mack Maine, he texted me. He told me, “Keep ya head up.” Juvenile, he texted me. He told me, “Keep ya head up.” Lil Chuckee he tweeted out and he’ll come perform. A few people [reached out]—Trinidad Jame$, Paul Wall, Stalley. C-Murder sent flowers from jail. A lot of people in the industry was reaching out and my fans who was there and my family who been there.

I just expected my Cash Money brothers, in despite of all the stuff we had going on in the past, I don’t have any beef with them. We just did the BMI Awards together. We just had shot the 2 Chainz video. We just shot my video, “It’s Hot.” So, I’m like, “Where's the love at?” And I seen that it wasn’t there. Like I said, it ain’t no beef. It’s no love lost. I even said that in the video. It’s just me saying, “Damn, man. Keep ya head up or something.” My daddy’s funeral, that’s paid for. That’s taken care of. That wasn’t no cry for no money. It was no cry for no help. It ain’t one time I say give me some money. Tweet this out to the address to the funeral out. Let people know. Come celebrate with me. Love is an action. It ain’t about no money. That was the whole message what I sent out. It is what it is.

On appearing in Drake’s "Worst Behaviour":
Drake reached out in the "Worst Behaviour" video and he came down to Memphis. I got a song called that he wanted me in the video. I popped up. Drake showed me love man. He told me to come party with him at night. We went to Club 152 in Memphis. Drake gave me his direct number man. He told me, “Yo, we gonna do something.” We formed a relationship. I didn’t know Drake until that day. He’s a real cool dude. I knew of him, but I had never had met him. When I met him, he opened his arms. Him and his daddy Dennis. So salute to Drake.

When we was doing our thing, Drake was probably looking what the Hot Boys was doing. It wasn’t for me to meet him then. When I went to prison, Drake was the new Cash Money and he came did his thing and he held it down. And he still holding it down. I guess it was his way of paying homage to an OG. He happened to be in the city where I was at. That’s what real people do. They pay homage to the people before them. Drake, in my eyesight, he’s a real dude. He’s very talented. I salute him. Respect. He reached out. He didn’t have to. He called me and told to come and get in this video. He really wanted me to do more shots than I did, but I ain’t want to be all in his video like that. He opened up his arms and showed love.