Troy Ave’s Favorite New York City Songs From Each Borough


The energy on that shit was crazy. It was right when the Neptunes was starting. I’m from Crown Heights, and I lived in the eye of the tornado as far as the Labor Day Parade, and one year when I went to it, Hot 97 had a float and they were playing [“Superthug”]. I’ll never forget: I had the Tim Duncan foamposites on, because Labor Day was always near the start of school and we would get new kicks. Them shits was $179, the most expensive sneakers at the time. I’m at the parade and it’s raining, people are throwing powder and then [“Superthug”] came on and it didn’t even matter. We were just wildin’.

Prodigy—”Keep It Thoro”
I remember trying to play the keys to that shit. I had a little keyboard, and I was mad hyped when I got it. There was also the fact that there wasn’t a hook and he was just spittin’. The beat was everything in that, and he was just rapping, rapping, rapping. His voice and presence on the track was crazy.