Trinidad Jame$ made headlines earlier this week with his statements during a show in New York claiming Atlanta dictates NYC's hip hop scene. Despite some rebuttals from a number of rappers, T. James is sticking by his words. A few days ago he released the song "L.I.A.A.R.S." which was initially thought to be a response to the flack he received over his beliefs. He later told us the song was recorded prior to the incident. But, it looks like tomorrow the Atlanta rapper will address the issue via some sort of Internet release. In a Twitter post addressed "To Every New Yorker" Jame$ typed, "Monday will be a big day for me. Either the rise of fall of me. The Truth Will Set You Free, comes out Monday. You gonna wanna watch this."

The "All Gold Everything" rapper didn't follow up with many details about tomorrow's release but did add, "No album...Just the truth," he put in the caption. "You gonna want to look and listen to this. God is my witness I had to pray about this. This is what you wanted so I gave it to ya. The Real."