Trinidad Jame$ has had a rough going as of late.

Due to his now-infamous comment that Atlanta runs New York musically, he's received a huge amount of flack, as well as number of threats from NYC rappers. On Sunday, he announced via Twitter that something "big" would happen on Monday, which led many to believe he would release some sort of apology or explanation for his comment. He waited till the last minute, but he followed through on his promise and released a video last night titled "The Truth Will Set You Free." In it, Jame$ reiterates a number of things he told XXL over the phone last week, including that he never meant disrespect to the city and that he's only rapping to take care of his family . He also doesn't apologize; instead, he says that he stands by his statement, and that it's being misinterpreted because it was presented on the wrong platform.