The Eminem you hear on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is not the same rapper you heard on the original back on May 23, 2000 when the album first dropped. Though the sequel examines many of the same themes and issues as the original, Em is coming at them as an older, often wiser artists, looking at the events of his life with different eyes. He knows this. Many of the tracks on MMLP2 find the Detroit rap god reflecting on the passage of time and taking stock of how much has changed.

And he's right: A lot has changed since 2000. Eminem isn't the only one that's changed—politics, pop culture, sports—all these areas of life have undergone drastic changes in the last few years, so with the release of MMLP2, we've decided to look back at how the world around Eminem has changed—and in some cases, how much it's stayed the same.