The Most Unforgettable Scenes From ‘Belly’

The Basement

Happening shortly after the robbery, the basement scene in the film gives the audience the first real glimpse of how unhinged DMX’s character, Tommy, is in the film. After Black, an associate of the crew, bucks at the division of the money from last night’s robbery, DMX attacks Black, forcing him to strip naked and wildly firing gunshots into the ground. It’s a scene that feels crazed but instantly unforgettable by the sheer audacity of it.

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  • Infinite8

    What! Belly is a great film! IMO, the only thing that would of made the film better is if T-Boz new how to act instead of just reading her lines. Oh its my turn? yeh T-Boz with emotion! Nope no emotion. Oh well. Still a great film.

    • B.J. Steiner (XXL)

      Traditionally great film?

    • im_just_sayin

      really??? I thought t boz was better than everyone else. she sound more natural/realistic in her delivery more so than everyone else… but honestly, if your bf come to you talking about seriously moving to Africa, you know the first comin to mind is how far that is lol… imo i thought that line was funny!

  • Darrell Cabey

    Great movie.