Soulja Boy Releases ‘The King’ Mixtape


Since storming on to the scene with a string of hits, it’s been a while since Soulja Boy was a hot topic for his musical exploits. In the last few years, the Atlanta rapper has been the subject of video vixen rumors, embroiled in beef, arrested and sued. Call it growing pains. Today, SB follows up King Soulja and Life After Fame with his third mixtape of the year in today’s release, The King. Migos and Ebone make appearances on the project which contains 19 tracks.

Check out the mixtape and track list, below.

1. Soulja Boy – We Made It
2. Soulja Boy – New Porsche
3. Soulja Boy – From My Hood
4. Soulja Boy – The Money Team
5. Soulja Boy – At The Top
6. Soulja Boy – I Got That Work
7. Soulja Boy – Guwop
8. Soulja Boy – Girls Gone Wild
9. Soulja Boy – Gettin To Da Doe
10. Soulja Boy – Grew Up In The Hood
11. Soulja Boy ft. Migos – Bank Of America
12. Soulja Boy – Ain’t On Shit
13. Soulja Boy – Beverly Hills
14. Soulja Boy ft. Migos – Work
15. Soulja Boy – Dirty Diana
16. Soulja Boy – Tattoos On My Body
17. Soulja Boy – Rich Niggaz
18. Soulja Boy – Dead Presidents ft. Ebone
19. BONUS: Soulja Boy – Bonnie and Clyd

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  • HipHopHead999

    Dude needs to stop trying.

    • Cocaine Howie

      Thing is, he isn’t trying at all.

  • Cocaine Howie

    He’s had way more than 3 mixtapes this year lol

  • Young EL.

    How exactly is this in the news section? NOBODY CARES

  • D-frawgyyy from the LB

    that new porche song gave me a head ache

  • D-frawgyyy from the LB

    Hes pretty dope tho

  • ssr

    Soulja u r a flop. u done had ur time juz do whatever u bin doin behind the scenes and stay der

  • SouljaSucksGloryHoleDicks

    If you download it you are a fag.

  • Z

    What the fuck is this shit ???

  • JB

    unquestionably the most talentless jerk-off of our time. this isn’t even music, yet it is an embarrassment to the human race.