When Rappers Take Self-Comparisons Too Far

Lil Wayne Compares himself to Martin Luther King

Lil Wayne has more than likely influenced a lot of lives with his music, but when he rhymed “I’m doing the same s**t Martin Luther King did” on “Playing With Fire” off Tha Carter III, you couldn’t help but cringe. The line is even harder to stomach now thanks to Wayne’s recent Emmet Till reference.

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  • BrianRaider


  • tommy

    the only one that is factual is Riff… he actually is Obama

  • melvin

    miley cyrus is still twerkin was a pretty tight double entendre. bad example

  • Vaughn S. Doyle

    jay-z is the only one that is accurate

  • Bacon

    How is lil b not on this?

  • Come on XXL

    Miss me with that Jay-z shit. You were trying too hard to sound smart. We don’t know if Shakespeare wrote all of his plays. And alot of Shakespeare’s shit sucks. Don’t fall victim to classicism Reed; Jay-z is our Shakespeare and the meaning behind that song shows how dope he really is.