When Rappers Take Self-Comparisons Too Far

Riff Raff compares himself to President Obama

Neon-clad rapper Riff Raff has managed to create quite a buzz in the past year, but we’re not sure anyone with a diamond-incrusted jack-o-lantern around their neck should put themselves on the same level as the president of the United Staes.

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  • BrianRaider


  • tommy

    the only one that is factual is Riff… he actually is Obama

  • melvin

    miley cyrus is still twerkin was a pretty tight double entendre. bad example

  • Vaughn S. Doyle

    jay-z is the only one that is accurate

  • Bacon

    How is lil b not on this?

  • Come on XXL

    Miss me with that Jay-z shit. You were trying too hard to sound smart. We don’t know if Shakespeare wrote all of his plays. And alot of Shakespeare’s shit sucks. Don’t fall victim to classicism Reed; Jay-z is our Shakespeare and the meaning behind that song shows how dope he really is.