With Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Havoc finally back in a good spot following their awkward public falling out—which included everything from homophobic slurs to cries of phone hacking—the two are getting back in the studio and working on their first collaborative full-length project in seven years.

Prodigy, speaking to AllHipHop.com, gave a few details on the planned release, which is tentatively titled Mobb Deep. "So far what we’ve been doing all Havoc production," he said, noting that the duo would be getting back to the sound which made their 1995 debut The Infamous so compelling. "Just staying grounded, don’t try and chase whatever trend in music. We can experiment here and there with a couple of songs, but for the most part we gotta stick to our guns."

He also mentioned that longtime collaborator the Alchemist would be one of the only contributors to the album—"People ain’t buying a compilation album, they wanna hear you,” he said, adding, “It’s nice to have features, just don’t over do it"—but that Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt are two up-and-comers that may wind up in the studio with him and Havoc.

"I like Earl—Earl got an ill style. He makes beats crazy to me," Prodigy said. "When I listen to his music it reminds me of Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang but in a different type of way – young, crazy type of way. They even more crazy than we were."

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