Pharrell Williams and Jay Z has been in hip-hop for years. Next week on Nov. 14 marks the 10 year anniversary of Hov's eighth studio album, The Black Album, which Pharrel, alongside Chad Hugo as The Neptunes, worked on two tracks for with "Allure" and "Change Clothes." Skateboard P sat down for an an interview with Life + Times to discuss his legacy and their friendship.

He talks about how he never thought he ever work with Jay Z "I remember 'Can I Live' being on of my favorites on that album" says Pharrell "I just thought that he just rhymed so vividly but I never thought I get a chance to work with him." He continues on recalling how they became cool "And with working with Jay, he takes the craft seriously." Pharrel goes on to say "So when you find individuals that see the same value as you do in their music, you guys tend to be cool. Once we met we just creatively admired the different aspects of the way we worked and I think were artist's artists—we admire other people's processes and take interest in the things that inspire each other. It wasn't just like what he was saying. It was what he was inspired by. Or it wasn't just about the way our music sounded, he wanted to know what is was coming from. That's like when I friendship developed"