A Brooklyn man says he was forced to rap for a group of New York City cops to get himself out of handcuffs. The New York Post is reporting that Quinshon Shingles was coerced into rhyming for his freedom and allegedly warned that if his rhymes weren't "hot" enough he would not be released.

Shingles, whose rap name is "Sauce Da Boss," filed a lawsuit this week claiming that in December 2011, a group of plainclothes officers approached him, his cousin, Tyriek Fortune, and another male friend while they were at Shingle's cousin's East New York apartment. The officers demanded to conduct a search of the premises but were denied access due to a lack of a sufficient warrant. After the cops convinced the builiding's superintendent to unlock the apartment, where they handcuffed Shingles, Fortune and the third male. Upon hearing that Shingles was an aspiring rapper, the NYPD allegedly demanded that Shingles rap for them if he wanted to be released.

“They said, ‘Rap something if you want to go home,’ ” Shingles told the Post. “I was scared. I was nervous. I didn’t want to got o jail.”

One of the arresting officers, David Grieco, is already under investigation for illegal searches, while the rest of the officers on the premises happen to be white.

“I felt like they were humiliating me,” Shingles said. “They were all Caucasian officers, and I’m a black man, and they had me performing for my freedom. I was really upset.”

According to the suit, no illegal items were found on site after the police searched the premises.

[Via NY Post]