Also hailing from L.A, Nipsey Hussle grew up surrounded by Snoop Dogg's music. With Snoop's 20-year anniversary of Doggystyle just around the corner, Nipsey had some kind words for the rap veteran.

“I was young, man,"said Hussle. "I was a little kid really, but that was one of them albums you couldn’t really escape. You didn’t have to buy it to hear every song. You was kinda surrounded by it. Especially being in L.A. So, he took the streets when that came out. It was like nothing else really that was as dominant in the streets. You heard that out of everybody car. You wake up, aunties was playing it. That’s how I judge the impact of a record. You can pay for radio. You can do a lot of marketing, but when it’s in the world, you drive outside you hear it. Everywhere you go it’s surrounding you. That’s how you know its impact."