Drake may have skimped out on the YMCMB features on his October release NWTS but Nicki Minaj  has a different thought process. Although the two maintain a bond, she insists that no matter what project she's working on, the YMCMB family will always be present.

"I'm Young Money til the death of me", said the YMCMB first lady when asked about the lack of Young Money/ Cash Money appearances on Drake's latest album. "Drake could do what Drake do but Nicki Minaj is a whole different person. Later adding,"I think your team is your team. Who gives a fuck about trying to be different like I'm always gonna want my team to be a part of my project. No matter what. In some way."

The Queens native also gave her reaction to Ellen's hilarious Nicki Minaj inspired costume in the convo, expressing a love for Ellen saying she's got an irreplaceable spunk.