Nicki Minaj Clarifies “King Of New York” Claim


Nicki Minaj swung by the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 after her performance at the station’s Powerhouse show this past weekend, where she was asked about being excluded by Kendrick Lamar in his “Control” verse.

“I’m probably in the top five he did mention so go and do your research. Straight up and down,” she said. “I also feel like maybe he is one of the respectful gentleman that probably wanted to feel like I didn’t want to say a females name. Or maybe he don’t think the kid is ill but the kid know the kid is ill,” she added, speaking about herself in third person.

But the real quote she had that made headlines was her assertion that she was New York’s only royalty. “I’m the queen of New York, I’m the king of New York,” she continued. “Let me tell you why. Platinum albums, plural. Number one in five motherfucking countries. Don’t play with me. You better respect my motherfucking gangster, bitch.”

The next day she responded on Twitter, saying that Jay Z was the true King of New York, and explaining that she’ll post the full interview. However, she then Instagrammed the tweet and continued her train of thought, emphasizing why there was no one else who had a claim to the title of Queen of New York. “But yall know who the Queen is,” she posted. “Know why? Cuz I’m A BRAND, bitch. I’m a brand. Don’t care about a list unless its Forbes. [Had to say this b4 niggaz get carried away]. #respect to rappers who wanna be the best. UR SUPPOSED to feel like that!!!!!”

Check the Instagram below of the tweet below, and click here for her full message.

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  • Gregory Goff

    Niki is full of shit! Lil’ Kim is the Queen of New York!


      …..Nah…. You aint got to lie Craig

      • Gregory Goff

        Kim Birthed Niki… As long as the Queen B is around all Niki can be is princess.

  • Ihatehater

    Nooo Nikki, it’s because you’re wack and not worth mentioning. Simple as that. You’re a has been.

  • Guest

    kendrick didn’t mention her in his verse cause she can’t compete with him

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    Kendrick didn’t mention her in his verse cause he doesn’t see her as a threat

  • Tyler Durden

    Obviously K.Dot didn’t say this ugly ass bitches name, Cause she’s not a man… OR IS SHE ???