It's been a week since Trinidad Jame$ made his controversial comments about the state of New York rap during a show at Converse Rubber Tracks, but the debate rages on. Following the incident, Brooklyn rapper Maino was one of the first and most vocal artists to respond, saying that he wanted Trinidad to apologize for his statements. Now, the two have spoken, but from the sound of the tape the discussion is far from over.

Trinidad starts the conversation in peace-keeping mode, telling Maino that he's gonna do what he's gonna do, but quickly Maino explains his position. "This ain't about me trying to be a bully or me trying to punk you," says Maino on the tape. "Whatever your intentions were, they were different from what your actions were that night. I'm saying we can get to a better place, all you need to do—I ain't saying you need to apologize to me 'cause it ain't about me, it's ain't about me—you need to apologize to my city."

At one point Maino explains that he's not attacking Atlanta or its music, stating that he has respect for the city's long hip-hop tradition. "I fuck with that music," he says. "This is about right and wrong. This is about respect."

Jame$ then goes on to explain that the clip was taken out of context and that the story has been twisted, but from the sound of the call Maino doesn't sound completely satisfied with the "All Gold Everything" rapper's response. Check out the full conversation above.

[via Miss Info]